30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 7

I’ll admit, I was a little hungry when I wrote yesterday’s post on my last meal on earth. It was fun to conjure up all of my childhood favorites. Thankfully, Mom still makes quite a few of those meals today. We regularly get together for family dinners and the menu never fails to please.

Today’s post shifts gears to a more in-the-moment topic:

Blogs That I Read Regularly

Pioneer Woman – Who doesn’t, though?

Muslin and Merlot – Easy crafts for all ages, many upcycled, run by my very talented cousin, Heidi.

Finding a Healing Place – *sigh* I learned about pedophiles at a much-too-young age. This blog is hard for me to read, but it has helped put together a lot of the puzzle of having a family friend who molested children. I was not abused as a child, but others were. I’ll never know who they were, but my heart truly breaks for them. It’s been a different experience reprocessing what I knew as a child now as an adult.

Twisted Sifter – A place where all the cool stuff around the web meets. My favorite feature is the Friday “Shirk Report,” a summary of funny images, interesting articles, and cool videos for the week.

WagNTales – A friend’s blog on family and ag advocacy.

Running Farm Life – A high school classmate’s blog about running, farming, gardening and more. Also, the inspiration for my blog challenge.

Jennifer Beull – I stumbled upon Jen Beull’s blog through a Facebook friend. Jen writes about grief and losing her husband, and she is an encouragement to many through her emotional, honest writing, myself included.

Many Highways – There are still a few people out there without Facebook, so I keep up with my college friend through his blog.

A Dad and His Girls – Another friend’s blog about his family’s nightmarish struggle with misdiagnosed Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Simplicity Parenting – How one wants to parent and how they actually parent are often two different things, but I like this blog to encourage me as I travel through the formative years.

Tomorrow’s Topic: Dreams


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