30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 10

Here we are, one third of the way through the 30 day blogging challenge. Overall, it’s been a really positive experience for me. I have enjoyed digging deep into my heart and mind (and sometimes Google) to answer life’s burning questions.

Yesterday’s topic, Confessions, was really difficult for me. I had to move on to another topic before going back and finishing my confessions because there are certain things that a person just doesn’t share on the internet with friends or strangers or anyone. Today’s topic is much easier and definitely worth sharing.

A Moment When I Was Most Satisfied With Life

Baptism Day

I have to admit, I am very satisfied with my life. There is not much I would change, but I can’t just say everything is awesome and be done with it.  I narrowed it down to two Moments: my kids’ baptism day and the rehearsal dinner for our wedding.

Our children were not baptized at birth. We did not formally join the church until 2013, and after I became a member, we decided it was time to get the children baptized, too. They were baptized in mid-July in front of the whole church. I wrote about their baptism day in this post. It was the day when I made my peace with God. It was the day a weight I didn’t know I was carrying was lifted from my shoulders. So many people were there to support us and celebrate with us. Our house was overflowing with people and food and hugs and smiling faces, and God was with us, I’m sure of it. And it was one of the best days of my life, to be surrounded by family and friends and to know my children were safe in the arms of Jesus.

A few of our wedding guests, playing in the park.


Grilling good eats.


The second moment I was most satisfied with my life was at our wedding rehearsal dinner. Like the baptism day, this celebration also drew a large crowd of family and friends. I estimate that half the people at our wedding also came to our rehearsal dinner the night before. It was an amazing turnout, about 75 people came from far and wide, even as far as Alaska! We served a nice spread of food and drinks in the park and spent a long, hot evening just enjoying each other’s company. I distinctly remember looking around, feeling incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many loved ones. There were little groups of people chatting everywhere, kids playing, guys grilling, tiny babies to admire, games, hugs, hugs and more hugs, 15 feet of food, and no mosquitoes! I wish my kids could have been there to experience the feeling of being surrounded by almost every single person who means the world to me at one time.

In the spirit of recalling happy memories, tomorrow’s topic highlights the best part of making peace with God: My Favorite Bible Verses.




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