30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 19

There, I did it. I missed a day. My previous post of old photos was probably my favorite so far. Looking through old photographs is something I really enjoy and it was fun to spend a little bit of time traipsing down memory lane.

The topic at hand for the missed day is A Letter to Anyone, Anyone At All. In the days leading up to this post, I failed to come up with any ONE person. I knew I wanted to say thank you so someone, but I couldn’t pinpoint a single person toward whom I meant it the most. Instead, I’m going to thank some people who probably don’t know they’ve affected me in a positive way.

A Letter to Anyone, Anyone At All

Dear Friends,

Today I am writing to thank you for being part of my life. You may be surprised to find yourself mentioned here, but I believe in speaking freely in the living years, except that I lack the courage to speak freely. I am a brave writer, though.

Dear Mothers and Fathers Of Three – Pam H, Crystal S, Nate H, Dean K, Renee F, and Kayla A. I know lots of parents of three children, but you are my greatest reassurance when I think about the challenges of having three children. You have inspired me with your grace and love for your children and I’m trying to learn how to be involved in things outside of parenting from you. I know we share(d) many of the same struggles. It’s very comforting to know there are others in the exact same boat with me.

Dear Super Cool Moms – Mary B, Amber E, Karleen A, Heidi J and Heidi P, Bonnie B and Val W – I know we aren’t in each other’s business much, but at some point or another, you have all provided me with inspiration as I make my way through this parental journey. Additionally, you all possess a certain sense of humor about life that I can identify with easily.

Dear Cousin Brenda – You are my very favorite person in the whole wide world. I knew from a very young age that we are quite alike, and I have always gravitated toward you. Even as an adult now, I still do not completely understand why I adore you so much considering that we don’t see one another all that often. Your sense of humor is an exact match to mine. You are so beautiful, inside and out. My best guess is that we share a soul. I love you so much!

Dear Mr. Masset – When a person is 18 years old, it’s pretty hard to see the future. I knew I’d had a great English education, much like a planted seed, but I didn’t know it would grow. At high school graduation, I wish I could have said, “Mr. Masset, thank you for every last second you spent on me because I’m going to love writing someday.” I doubt you read this blog, but I’m pretty sure every EHS grad has a big thank you for you. It is also doubtful I will see you again in this lifetime, but know that you are one of my greatest mentors.

Dear Heidi J – Hi neighbor. I sure miss you. I was so thankful to see you two summers ago and love seeing pictures of your baby boy. How can you stand all of that adorable?  I know you  haven’t always had a reason to smile. You have overcome some enormous obstacles, and I always wish I could have taken some of that hurt away from you. You are an inspiration to me on so many levels.

Dear Cousin April – I remember being a kid of 12 or 13 and thinking you were so mature and grown up, even though you are only a year or so older than me. You had cool clothes, you listened to cool music, you had such a grown-up perspective. I wanted to be like you. I don’t think I succeeded, but I do know that even though we’re both in our 30’s now I still idolize you. You have always seemed one step ahead of me on the path to enlightenment. Whether or not that’s actual true doesn’t matter much, just that you are a beautiful soul and people around you know it.

Dear Suzanne – I think about you all the time. What would Suzanne do? is my mental mantra. I still have the letter I wrote to you in your last days. I read it sometimes to remind myself of the importance of saying what you feel. You were so wise, so kind, so inspirational to me.  I cried when I found out we were hiring your husband again. In front of others! We wondered together what heaven is like, and now you know. I’m slightly jealous of this fact. I still don’t know what heaven is like, but I hope we get to meet again someday.

Dear Brandi – Thank you for not even flinching when I wear sweatpants in the yard. I love your sense of humor, your connection with your children, and that you aren’t afraid of talking about struggle. You are a wonderful listener. I so thankful for you because I can have a friend and not leave home.

Most sincerely and thankfully,


Tomorrow’s topic – a photo of my handwriting.


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