30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 20

Two-thirds of the way finished with this blogging challenge. I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing. Yesterday, I wrote a bunch of tiny letters to people who inspire me.  Today, I am sharing my handwriting.

A Picture of My Handwriting

I actually hate my handwriting. It’s not neat and rarely perfect. It looks like I quit advancing in penmanship in 5th grade. Once in a blue moon I’ll write something nicely, but overall it’s messy. I envied my mother and grandmother who had beautiful, stylish writing. Grandma had lovely cursive penmanship. Mom has a small, curvy printing style.

I love lists, as you can see here. It’s the only way I stay somewhat sane. I still forget things all the time, but not if I remember to put them on a list.

Getting ready for Easter weekend.

Tomorrow’s topic: Little things that make me feel warm and fuzzy.



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