30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 21

Yesterday we took a look at my handwriting. My handwriting does not make me feel warm and fuzzy, unless it’s just before Christmas and I checked everything off my list.

But these things do…

Things That Make Me Feel Warm And Fuzzy

1. Watching Hillary run into school.


2. Watching Bryce lay on the floor and play.


3. Hugging my cousin Brenda and my aunt Jackie.


4. Someone touching me on the arm when they are talking to me.

5. Saturday mornings all piled in our bed.


6. Catching my older kids helping their younger siblings.

7. Making people laugh with a joke I hadn’t originally intended to be a joke.

8. Sleeping children.


9. Hearing Maris’ speech improve, little by little.

10. The first taste of a garden tomato in the summertime.


11. Kids in sunglasses or hats. Or both.


12. Soft, comfy beds, feather pillows, and homemade quilts.


13. Watching Grandpa rock or read to his grandbabies.


14. A well-fitting suit.

15. New cloth diapers.

16. S’mores

17. Listening to my mom tell a funny story.

18. That first breath of ice cold air on winter mornings.

19. Old people holding hands.

20. My sister’s company, always.


Tomorrow’s topic: I have created…


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