30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 23

Yesterday’s post featured a little show and tell. Today, we get serious again.

Something I Feel Strongly About

I have a lot of opinions, but being a generally agreeable person, I find it unimportant to sway the opinion of others. I used to try to debate opposing opinions, but no one, and I mean NO ONE, understands point-counterpoint debate anymore. It’s truly a lost art, and I have to look away, plug my ears and cover my mouth sometimes.

I believed in global warming before it was cool, I support gay rights, I am a pacifist, I believe in generosity and kindness toward less fortunate folks irregardless of back story, I am a moderately left of center Democrat, I support Presidential respect no matter what, and if you asked my advice on circumcision, I would give you a resounding no.

These beliefs belong to me and me alone, and I’m not here to grandstand, so we’re not going to talk about any of them.

A few day’s back, I posted my Bucket List. One of the items on the list was Start a Charity. I happen to have a charity in mind…

I want to start a cloth diaper lending charity. I want it to serve the Fargo-Moorhead area and eventually the whole United States. The charity would provide families with a set of cloth diapers to use on their child or children, for however long they are needed.

Front of diaper on an 18 month old toddler.

The disposable diaper problem is two-fold.


First, disposable diapers are expensive. Sales, coupons, and generic diapers can only take a family so far. Even if a family in need has access to transportation to get to the nearest Mart store, the cheapest diapers could easily cost $40-$50/month for a single child, assuming the family changes diapers as often as necessary. Chances are good, though, that they are not changing diapers as often as necessary, possibly leading to rashes or other problems that require expensive medical care. Or worse, they are drying diapers and reusing them. Yes, it happens.

Providing cloth diapers to a family in need would eliminate the need to purchase disposable diapers, or certainly decrease the need, freeing up a minimum of $40 a month to spend elsewhere, whether it’s on better food for mom or baby, medical bills, a bus pass to access a job, a water bill payment, or any number of things a family needs to survive. Forty dollars a month might be enough to get into a better neighborhood. Or perhaps the family takes the savings and is able to purchase their own cloth diapers within a few months.

Chances are very good that having access to cloth diapers  would free up a lot more than $40 a month, though, especially if circumstances forced a family to purchase diapers at a store within walking distance at a higher cost or if the family has more than one child in diapers.

Monkey Butt!


Even as a bit of an environmentalist, I know the disposable diaper is a great invention. A diaper that can be thrown out straightaway is a wonderful convenience. Throwing away diapers is not without consequence, though. My great-great-great-great grand kids will still be dealing with a diaper that I throw out today. Multiply that by millions of diapers a day and we’ve got ourselves a giant bio-hazard mess. It’s unfathomable.

The environmental aspect is a side benefit of loaning cloth diapers, but it’s definitely a motivator. If a family loves their diapering experience, they tell other families. If every family that uses cloth diapers inspires one other family to try cloth diapers, it’s a mission accomplished.

All that said, I’m a long way from actually starting this charity. I need to fund raise, put together a board, make some local connections, find diaper suppliers, and of course all the paperwork that goes along with a non-profit charity.

My first goal is to raise $1500 to purchase 12 sets of diapers and any administrative items necessary (i.e. a website, informational packets) by the summer of 2016.

Be the change you want to see in this world.

Bryce's first cloth diaper!

Tomorrow’s topic: The Best Inventions Ever


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