30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 24

Yesterday I wrote about a charity I want to start. I feel myself getting a little road weary of this project, so I picked something fun and easy to write about today:

The Best Inventions Ever

Best overall invention – the washing machine.  I say a silent prayer every single time I’m standing in front of the washer door thanking the Good Lord for the inventor of the washing machine. I cannot imagine how anyone lived without one, especially after a stomach bug ripped through all 13 children living in the house at once.

First runner up – the smart phone. I never, ever, ever thought I’d say this, but I love my smart phone. It’s the greatest thing I never knew I always wanted. I can talk, I can chat, I can order a pizza several different ways, I can reserve a movie, I can buy anything, I can look things up at the thrift store, I can waste an hour on Pinterest, I can play games, I can take pictures, I can save money, I can find recipes, I can know almost anything immediately just by saying, “OK, Google.”

Best As Seen on TV – The Ove Glove. Go out right now and get yourself one of these. Actually, get two. I thought one was enough, but then I got another one and my life is complete. Why do I love it? It’s got grips on it, it’s easier to hold things, it doesn’t get as hot as an oven mitt, it’s great for screwing lids onto hot canning jars, and it’s wonderful for any hot work that requires putting your finger and thumb together.


Best Uni-Tool – the strawberry huller. Sure, you can prepare strawberries with just a knife. But why would you when you own a strawberry huller?


Best Web-Based Service – Click and Ship from the Post Office. I’m not sure if long lines are common at post offices all over, but they are at the good ol’ 58103. I can remain calm when someone honks their horn at me for no good reason, I can remain calm when I’ve got 3 kids crying at one time, I can even remain calm when lines are long at the grocery store check out. But when I have to wait in line at the post office, I often wonder how no one has shot the place up yet. It is understaffed, and the one ore two cashiers that are there are in no…..particular….hurry……at……all. Needless to say, I do all my own mailing labels online, walk in, drop off my packages, and walk back out. And no one gets hurt.

First runner up  – Youtube. If not for Youtube, how would I have know how to install a car window or what aired on Jimmy Fallon last night? How would I watch quilting videos to help me relax or old episodes of Bob Ross? How would I watch music videos since they don’t have those on TV anymore?

Best, Um…Homeopathic Thing?? – The neti pot. Great for sinus issues, stuffy noses, allergies, a nose on a dirty day, or if nothing else just to brighten up a crappy day with very clean sinuses.


Best historical invention – indoor plumbing. I don’t think I need to get into too much detail on indoor plumbing, but it gives me the shivers on the hottest summer day to even think about using an outdoor toilet in the winter. Or worse, using something that resembles a toilet but doesn’t actually flush.

Tomorrow’ topic: Letter to My Worst Habit


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