30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 27

Yesterday we played a fun little game of “Would you rather….?”

Today’s topic is a second round of confessions. I was informed that my first round was too boring and that I needed to confess something more juicy.

Confessions: Round 2

1. I wear fun underwear. Crazy, colorful, fun underwear with gnomes, popsicles, airplanes, pineapples, skulls, stripes and stuff like that. They aren’t sexy, but they are comfortable and my own fun little secret (that’s not so secret anymore, I suppose). 🙂

2. I find mustaches very, very, VERY attractive.

3. To elaborate on my earlier confession (#3 in my previous post), when I was about 10 years old, I, and a couple of my relatives, covered a hole in a ditch. It was a somewhat deep, awkward hole, perhaps eight inches wide, likely the home to an animal. We didn’t mean to cause harm, only wanting to cover up an unsightly hole and whatever might live in it, so we fashioned a little bed of sticks over the hole then covered it with grass, MacGyver-style. About an hour later, someone was walking through the ditch (an odd choice, if you ask me) and stepped right onto our little covered hole and injured their leg. I seem to recall hearing it broke. I was so ashamed, but I never, ever, ever told anyone what we’d done.

Tomorrow’s topic: I Love Fargo


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