30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 28

Yesterday I confessed some little known facts about myself. For all who officially confirmed I’m a very boring person from my first confessions post, I hope you are satisfied now.

I wasn’t sure what to write about today. I finished tomorrow’s post and the final post of the whole series, but there was a gap here on day 28. I wanted to write something “easier” than usual, but none of the remaining topics spoke to me on any level until today.

I Love Fargo, North Dakota

I sometimes dream of moving to a more rural area with a slower pace of life. I enjoyed growing up in a small town and all the inherent freedoms therein. I love wide open spaces where the earth and sky converge at night. Though I may dream about the good life in a sparsely populated area, Fargo is my home. I’ve been in Fargo for almost 17 years, and in another year, I’ll have lived half my life in Fargo. I now consider it to be more home than my hometown, and I fully realize how backwards that must seem, but Fargo is special, and I’m glad to be raising my family here.

I put together a list of places and things I love in Fargo.


Vinyl Taco – the BEST food I have ever tasted

J.L Beers – great atmosphere, unique burgers

Sickies – great burgers, not the usual chain restaurant experience


Paradise Donuts – unique donuts at a location close to our home, plus they serve a decent lunch

Sandy’s Donuts – the ultimate donut experience in Fargo, we prefer the downtown location

Widman’s Candy – Chippers all the way


Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift Stores – constantly changing selection, cool finds, affordable

Pride of Dakota – a twice-yearly gathering of all of North Dakota’s greatest entrepreneurs, great specials on local wine

Gigantic Rummage Sale – held in the summer and fall, it’s the largest rummage sale in the area

Fairs and Festivals

Red River Valley Fair – expensive, but wonderful activity for kids, buy wrist bands for the rides in advance

Ribfest – expensive, but delicious place for a date night, especially if the musical act is awesome


Lindenwood Park – our favorite park, all sorts of things to do

Courts Plus – the giant playground is clean and guaranteed to tire out the kids


Trollwood – outdoor theater, summer theatrical production is amazing

*There are actually a lot of great theaters in Fargo, but we haven’t tried out all of them yet.

Tomorrow’s topic: Life Philosophy in 25 Words


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