Rummage Sale Find Update

Last summer, I came across an interesting knick knack shelf shaped like a hot air balloon at a rummage sale. It was exactly $1 and the kind of thing that is just so unique and interesting that I have to buy it even though I have no use for it. It’s been hanging in my bedroom, empty, ever since.

The original purchase.


Fast forward, a few weeks ago while helping my folks get ready for their own rummage sale, we found my mother’s miniatures tucked away in a dresser. When I was a child, I loved looking at her miniatures. I especially loved the tiny speckled enameled coffee pot and coffee cups. To this day, I love tiny anything, as evidenced by my Dollhouse Pinterest board.

I didn’t immediately put two and two together with my shelf and her miniatures, but I recently decided to update our bedroom a little bit. I spend a fair amount of time in our bedroom, reading, writing, thinking and watching TV. It’s a comfortable, relaxing place to be and I want to surround myself with beautiful, inspiring things, things that bring me happiness.

And so Mom’s miniatures have a new home.


Filled with pretty things.


My favorite was the little blue coffee pot way on the right.




I had a chance to do a little rummage sale shopping on Saturday.  I bought a bird garland for no reason other than its sheer uniqueness. It was $7.50. I didn’t even try to negotiate.

Everyone needs a garland of birds.






A close up.





I realized I loved it so much because it matches this quilt.



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