30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 30

Even though yesterday’s post on my life philosophy in 25 words was by far my shortest post, it sure took me a long time to write it.

Today is the last day of the blog challenge. I browsed through my stats and I am amazed by how many stopped in to read. I appreciate every single person who came here and supported me in my journey. If you are just stopping in for the first time ever, links to all the posts are located here.

A Recent Photo and Highs and Lows From the Past 30 Days

My 7 year old daughter took this photo of me pouring a glass of milk, something I commonly do.

Before I get into the highs and lows of this month, I wanted to first thank all of you for following along with my blog challenge. It was a lot more intense than I imagined, and I had to dig deep for answers sometimes. I learned a few surprising things about myself, particularly a greater capacity for commitment and that I was actually capable of completing a creative challenge. I’m hoping to continue blogging here on a wider variety of topics, unprompted.

I am so thankful for every single comment, email, private message and conversation we had about my posts. I am truly touched by all of the feedback.

I would love for you to drop a line if you’ve been inspired in some way to do something you love. I hope I’ve shown you a point of view you haven’t thought about before, whether it be to further strengthen your own opinion or to be influenced otherwise. I hope I’ve inspired you to do something outside your comfort zone, to stretch toward a new goal, to be a better person. Thank you again for following along.

The most popular post this month was Day 15 – Dinner Party for 10 Guests.

The least popular post this month was Day 27 – Confessions, Round 2. Go give it some love.

Onto the topic at hand…


I had sick kids and my anxiety flared up a couple of times. It is difficult for me to handle the unforeseen and to stop moving forward for a day or two.


I’m going to wax poetic for a bit. Spring is such a wonderful time of year. I loved the days when the breeze blew warmly on my face. I love ushering my children out the door every evening, then watching them play together. All that sunshine makes their creativity blossom. I could not be more satisfied as I am when I sit on my back patio and soak up the sound of laughing children, the sun going down over the trees, sometimes in full color, and a good book on my lap. Even better if my children bring me a sand “salad” in a beach pail and my husband is washing the dishes and admiring me from the kitchen window.

Easter also took place this month. Easter is such a beautiful holiday, from the hymns, to the joyous celebration on a Christian’s most holy day, to the activities I did with the kids in the days leading up to Sunday. I made a set of “resurrection eggs,” a dozen plastic eggs filled with items relating to the Easter story, including a wirey crown of thorns, nails, a scrap of bread, and of course, a stone and an empty egg. I presented them to my 3 children and my niece and nephew and they listened so intently, captivated, excitedly opening each egg while I read a piece of scripture. They asked questions and I answered them all the best I could. They tasted, touched, smelled and heard the Easter story as told through a series of tiny props. When it was over, they thanked me for doing the activity with them. They thanked me! It was a special moment.


As you can see, I had a great month. In fact, one of the best yet. But that’s not the biggest news…

Because the right person was reading along with my blogging challenge, I was offered a new platform share ideas…on our radio station’s websites. For those who don’t know, I am the business manager at a radio group in Fargo. We’re in the process of ironing out the specifics, but I cannot believe the opportunity that lies before me right now. It’s a dream come true.

All that to say, do what you love. Someone might notice. 🙂


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