Caprese Salad Obsession

In an effort to provide more lunch hour awareness, I wanted to share my latest food obsession: Caprese Salad.



I’ve been eating this salad for lunch for weeks. It’s only about 350 calories, very filling, and has a lovely spice.

Want to make it?

Gather your ingredients:

A whole tomato

Fresh mozzerella

Basin leaves

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Cut the tomato into 5 thick slices, place a basil leaf on top of each tomato slice, cut 4 ounces of cheese into 5 slices, drizzle with one teaspoon of olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper.

I love the peppery basil leaves and am quite generous with the pepper on top for the extra spice. It’s a satisfying meal and feels fancy on a plain day.

The only way this salad would be better is if my garden tomatoes were ready. We’re a long way from that, but I am already drooling at the thought of fresh, sweet garden tomatoes to bring a whole new flavor to the Caprese salad.


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