Nothing To See Here Volume 1

I’ve been playing with an idea I wanted to try today. I am starting a new feature that will summarize the best online material I find each week. I spend too much time reading articles and watching videos that I should at least try to make something constructive out of it.

Welcome to Volume One of Nothing to See Here.

1. Happy Halloween!


2. Oprah and Steven Colbert Share Favorite Bible Verses

3. Turning Something Bad Into Something Good

Artist Wendy Tsao Turns Made-Under Bratz Dolls Into Female Icons
Photo credit: Wendy Tsao
Photo credit: Wendy Tsao

4. Best of Humans of New York

Photo Credit: Humans of New York

“I got into a very desperate situation last year. I was under a lot of stress because my dad was in the hospital with a terminal illness. I didn’t have much income, my credit was bad, and I needed a new place to live. So I responded to a listing on Craigslist. And because of my desperation, I ended up living with a hoarder. I was completely despondent. So for the next two days, I walked around New York and asked hundreds of people to say a prayer for me. Or if they didn’t want to pray, I asked them to say something nice to me. Most people just said: ‘God bless you’ or ‘I hope things work out.’ I asked priests, monks, bank tellers, security guards, homeless people, mentally ill people… everyone. I’d say that I approached about 200 people. Then at the end of the two days, a post from a friend popped on my newsfeed. It said: ‘I have an empty room and need someone to move in today.’ So one of those prayers worked. I’m just not sure which one it was.”

5. Pin of the Week

Photo Credit: yukitsplace Instagram

6. Useless Information, But I Couldn’t Stop Reading…

Ermahgerddon: The Untold Story of the Ermahgerd Girl


Until next week…

Credit: Jim Lo Scalzo
Credit: Jim Lo Scalzo


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