Nothing To See Here Volume 4

Welcome to another week of Nothing to See Here. This would be Volume 4. You might not enjoy reading it, but I enjoy putting it together. Let’s toast to this week’s most interesting internet content, according to me

1. I think this should be a thing…

sparlke eyes

2. Article:  How to Hack Your Brain and Memorize Anything, According to Expert Mattias Ribbing


3. ABC Family unveils full schedule for 25 Days of Christmas


4. Religious Comedy – Butt Sin: A Primer


5. More Religious Comedy – Butt Sin, Volume 2


6. HONY of the Week

“Do me a favor and put this picture on Facebook, because I’ve been trying to send my daughter a picture of this foliage on my flip phone, and it’s just not coming out. I’ve tried every setting.” ~~Photo credit: Brandon Stanton

7. Pin of the Week

advent stars
Photo credit: Sarah Cuttle via Red Ted Art

Until Next Week…

abbey road


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