The Demise of the Kitty Cat

A short story, as written by Joe, Sherry, Amanda, Amy, Troy, Moby, Gretchen, Aryn, Hillary, and Maris.

Gretchen drew the first picture, then Hillary captioned it and drew the next picture for someone else to caption and so on. Things took a terrible turn in the middle.

The Demise of the Kitty Cat

Once upon a time there was a cat named Elsa. She loved catching mice. When she tryed to catch the mice they always went into their mouse hole because they were scared. She also had a ornge chair with black pooka dota on it. She like sitting on the blue fuzzy rug. She thought it was really fuzzy and cozy.


How did we get to big! We will never get back out of here. Would you like some cheese?


There was 1 mouse and 1 cat on a date. There eating cheese! There eating tringle cheese!


The cheese is bad I feel sick. Who cut the cheese?



The cat tells the mouse to go ahead and eat his piece of cheese. After you are done eating the cheese I will make you a warm bath.


But the mouse was too quick for the evil cat – he escaped with just a burned tail.


The cat burned its tail. The tail broke off. The pot fell down. Then the mouse put the kitty in the oven.


The cat went into the dining room and saw a fruit bowl on the table. There was an evil face guarding the fruit bowl, and the cat was very hungry. So, the cat fought the scary face for the fruit.


Then there was a monster witch the cat thought it was a monster. The cat says Need….Food…because it was so hungry. It was really good when he at the fruit from the fruit bowl. There was a banana, pear, apple, and ornge.


The cat is content for now. But evil looms in the form of the evil bodyless creature looming above the table.


The knight in shining armor killed the cat and cast out the demon.


Then the cat died in the fight and became a beautiful angel cat. The end.
Then the cat died in the fight and became a beautiful angel cat. The end.


As you can see, we have about one and a half actual artists in the family and at least three comedians.



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