Alligator Suitcase

Behold, a suitcase that’s an alligator, an alligator that’s a suitcase.


I have to laugh at myself sometimes. I walked into the thrift store earlier this fall and saw a gray, vintage toiletry suitcase. It was $2.99 and I had a pin on Pinterest begging me to try it. Why not, right?


I stripped the insides, painstakingly spray painted the outside, re-lined the inside, then painted on a happy alligator face. I thought it would be an easy little project, then laughed and laughed when the spray painting when on for days and I’d sunk about $20 into supplies.


I could pick out a pretty cool gift for my little guy for $23, but nothing as cool as an alligator suitcase. This gift has many hours of good fun built in. I should know; he played with the suitcase for half the afternoon the day I bought it.


I am quite pleased with the finished product. It is definitely the gift I’m most excited to give this year.


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