Love Is In The Air

February begins, and love is in the air. Love is my favorite thing on earth. I’m a sucker for love, friendship, romance, saying what you mean, professing love in all its forms, and, of course, feeling love from others.


In the spirit of the season, I came up with a little Valentine’s Day project for my husband and children. It’s easy and can be made from materials already at home. I find that the greatest gifts don’t cost any money, and this project also comes together quickly.

Starting today, and every day until Valentine’s Day, my husband and children will receive an envelope with a note inside telling them something I love about them.

The material list is simple – paper, envelopes, and a writing utensil. I used leftover scrapbook paper, tiny manila envelopes, and my favorite Flair pens.


I penned a list of things I love about my husband and children in a notebook beforehand, then assembled the envelopes all at once.


Making the list was the hardest part. I wanted to showcase some of the less obvious things, but also boost confidence in my kids.


For example, my oldest is very observant. It actually drives me crazy sometimes, but it’s a skill she will be thankful for later. One of my notes to her says, “I love how you notice everything around you.” My second youngest likes to sing, but always stops singing when she notices I am listening. One of her notes says, “I love to hear your beautiful singing voice.” For my husband, I kept it mostly clean so the kids could hear me praise him, too, but notes can take any desired tone. *wink wink*


I know this is going to be a huge hit, especially with my kids. They crave positive attention. I think it’s going to be a nice couple of weeks around our house.

See? Easy-peasy hearthrob squeezie.

UPDATE: We’ve been doing this at suppertime for a little over a week now and the kids are loving it! They smile a lot and it gets conversations started sometimes, too.

This is cross posted at Bright Above Fargo.


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