Fun With Altoid Tins

Do you ever save certain items, knowing they have a destiny but unsure of what it is? If so, welcome to my world of beads, buttons, fabric, anything tiny, empty pill bottles, vintage jars, and, yes, Altoid tins.

I found many a cool idea for Altoid tins on Pinterest, most above my skill set, so my tins sat in wait until inspiration hit me, which of course, it did, as Easter basket season approached.

I’ll spare you the long process of how these finally came together, but I daresay it involved many an hour on Etsy looking for the perfect miniatures to fill them, only to realize I already had everything at home in the dollhouse and Lego bins. I am a horrible minimalist sometimes.

The first tin has four tiny Lego cars, four tiny Lego people, a tiny train, and a road scene folded up inside. I painted the outside of the tin black with roads and parking spaces.



The second tin is an idea I’ve been cooking up (see what I did there?) for quite awhile. It’s a miniature kitchen and table, filled with tiny dishes and cooking implements, utensils, two tiny chairs and Lego food pieces. One side of the tin is painted with a stove and counter top, the other is a red checked table cloth.




Be it known I’m not a painter; my hands are unsteady and my eyesight is poor, not to mention I don’t have high quality paint or paint brushes, but I don’t think my kids will even notice.

These tins will be tucked into two of my kids’ Easter baskets along with some candy. I think they will be thrilled. If not, I secretly enjoyed playing with the tiny kitchen for quite awhile. 😉


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